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Testo 770 Hook Clamp Digital Multimeters

The Testo 770 hook-clamp TRMS digital multimeters are ideally suited for electrical work in HVAC applications. Testo's unique hooking clamps can be used to separate then grab wires. The easy hook-off retractable post releases the wires when testing is complete.

Testo 770-2 Hook-clamp Digital Multimeter with TRMS & Adapter for Type K Thermocouple, 400A AC/DC-

Sale Price $165.75 USD
Regular Price $195.00 USD
Availability Currently Not Available

Testo 0590 0017 Carrying Case for 755 and 770 Series Electrical Meters-

Sale Price $22.95 USD
Regular Price $27.00 USD
Availability 6 in Stock



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